Plan A Party

Glenn's Market and Catering is the best solution in the Watertown, Wisconsin area when you are planning your next party's food options. Feel free to check out our great foods below and then contact us today to make your arrangements! We offer many other items not listed, so please call if you don't see what you're looking for.

For Hot Sandwiches: We recommend 1 1/2 sandwiches per person (If guests are making their own sandwiches, figure 1 sandwich less per pound)

Maple River Ham 6 sandwiches /pound $5.49/lb
Sliced Beef & Gravy * 5 sandwiches /pound $7.49/lb
Shredded Beef & Gravy * 5 sandwiches /pound $8.00/lb
Sandwich Prime Rib Au Jus* 4 sandwiches /pound $10.95/lb
Sloppy Joes * 5 sandwiches /pound $6.69/lb
Sliced Italian Beef 5 sandwiches /pound $10.95/lb
Smoked Beef Brisket Au Jus 4 sandwiches /pound $10.95/lb
Smoked Beef Brisket BBQ 4 sandwiches /pound $9.25/lb
Pulled Pork In Juice* 5 sandwiches /pound $6.00/lb
Shredded BBQ Pork * 5 sandwiches /pound $6.00/lb
Shredded Pork & Gravy * 5 sandwiches /pound $6.00/lb
Red & White BBQ (Beef & Pork)* 5 sandwiches /pound $7.00/lb
Sliced Turkey & Gravy * 5 sandwiches /pound $6.00/lb
Shredded Turkey & Gravy* 5 sandwiches /pound $7.29/lb
Shredded Turkey & Gravy, gluten-free 5 sandwiches /pound $7.29/lb
Shredded BBQ Chicken* 5 sandwiches /pound $7.75/lb
Shredded Chicken & Gravy* 5 sandwiches /pound $7.29/lb
* All above items except Maple River Ham also available frozen in 2# and 5# containers

Bakery Items:

Ham Buns $3.69/doz Sliced: $3.99/doz
Small Kaisers $3.49/doz Sliced: $3.79/doz
Large Kaisers $6.39/doz Sliced: $6.69/doz
Hamburger Buns $4.49/doz Sliced: $4.79/doz
Brat Buns $4.79/doz Sliced: $5.09/doz
Hot Dog Buns $4.69/doz Sliced: $4.99/doz
Italian Rolls $3.69/doz Sliced: $3.99/doz
Potato Buns $4.29/doz Sliced: $4.59/doz

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Side Dishes:

American Potato Salad 4 servings /pound $4.99/lb
German Potato Salad 3 servings /pound $3.39/lb
Jeff's Red Potato Salad 4 servings /pound $3.79/lb
Pasta Salad 5 servings /pound $3.79/lb
Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole 3 servings /pound $4.79/lb
Baked Beans 5 servings /pound $2.59/lb
Sandra Jean's BBQ Beans 5 servings /pound $3.99/lb
Garden Delight 5 servings /pound $7.79/lb
Cole Slaw 6 servings /pound $3.69/lb
Fresh Fruit 4 servings /pound $5.99/lb
7-Layer Salad 40 servings /full pan $50.00/full pan
$25.00/half pan

Hor D'oeuvres:

Regular Vegetable w/Dip Serves 20-30 people $32.00/tray
Large Vegetable w/Dip Serves 35-45 people $46.00/tray
Bulk Raw Vegetables $5.69/lb
Vegetable Dip $4.89/lb
Vegetable Pizza Serves 10-15 people $22.00/each
Small Cheese & Sausage or Snack Tray Serves 10-15 people $34.00/tray
Medium Cheese & Sausage or Snack Tray Serves 20-30 people $42.00/tray
Large Cheese & Sausage or Snack Tray Serves 50-60 people $54.00/tray
Taco Dip Tray Serves 30-40 people $38.00/tray
Homemade Tortilla Chips   $5.59/lb
Crab Dip $7.29/lb
Homemade Garlic Chips $4.59/lb
Deli Meat Tray - Ham, Turkey, Beef Serves 4-5 people /pound $6.99/lb
Croissants   $1.75/each
Hard Rolls   $0.50/each
Premade Ham Sandwiches   $26.00/dozen

**Prices are subject to change