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High Quality Food

High Quality Food should be of obvious importance in your caterer. Your meal should not only look appealing, but have that WOW factor when your guests bite into it.

Our food is made fresh, no more than 24 hours before your event, in our catering kitchen. Our meat is cut by the same professional meat cutters that make our fresh product we sell at Glenn's Market. All of our products are made with non-processed food. We include spices and flavors free of charge, so that nothing you eat is disappointing.

Plenty of Food

Keep in mind that you shouldn't leave a catered event still hungry. Make sure that your caterer has a long history of providing enough food for all your guests.

Over the last 30+ years Glenn's Market & Catering has developed our formulas to accurately tell us how much food to furnish. Additionally, we have the experience of doing so many events that we know which factors to adjust to provide the correct amounts of food for your guests.

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History & Reputation

Take into account your caterer's reputation in the community. The right catering company to provide service for you should have experience, history of community service, and a long-term trained staff.

Glenn's Market has been catering events for customers since 1989 and has worked with a wide variety of private events, public events, businesses and non-profit groups. Over that time we have a continued track record of excellence.

Ranging back to 1993 for the State Bank of Reeseville - "You were recommended to me by my sister, who handles catering for groups at Bethesda. She certainly steered me in the right direction! Everything looked and tasted delicious. The quality of the food was superior in every way. I feel you provided us with the best possible luncheon at a very resonable price." - Debbie Polsin.

To Farm Technology Days in 2009 - "Thank you for a great dinner at the event. Those who were there had a good time and really seemed to enjoy the dinner. As you promised, the food was great, and the staff was very helpful and responsive to our needs...We would gladly recommend you to anyone!" - Gerda Benedict, Co-Chair - Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.

Ease to Work With

Any catering service you use should be easy to work with, responsive, and straight forward when talking with them.

We can accommodate most menu requests for flavors, allergies, and food preference.

We are open & honest with our pricing and services we provide. Please use our comparison and planning tool and see for yourself.

Menu & Pricing

Many times setting up a catering event can have many costs that need to be factored in. Make sure your caterer is up front with the prices and charges you for exactly what they say.

Here at Glenn's we have our menu setup in easy-to-use meals that list the price per person right on the menu. Everything from our Classic Dinner to our Pig Roast. We also have listed on the menu our other charges such as Gratuity (16%), Tax, Mileage, Delivery (if applicable), Extra Servers, and more.

Our buffets include deluxe plastic plates, plastic utensils, napkins, condiments, and linen for the buffet. The only thing we require from you is a place to set up the buffet line.

If someone changes their price to beat ours...ask them why. Are they cutting back on the products and services they are providing?