Weekly Specials

February 26th – March 3rd  

Lenten Specials 

Widmer’s Brick Cheese      $8.59/lb

Glenn’s Medium Cheddar Cheese      $3.89/lb

Glenn’s Farmers Cheese      $4.19/lb

Glenn’s Pasta Salad      $2.99/lb

Homemade Jambalaya - Heat and Serve       $4.19/lb

Fresh Bockwurst (Made Fresh on Thursdays)        $4.99/lb

3 oz Cod Loins 5# Bag      $54.50/bag


St. Patrick's Day Specials

Glenn’s Corned Beef Brisket Point      $7.99/lb 

Brisket point has fat going through, lots of flavor, softer because of internal fat. Most moist piece of brisket.


Glenn’s Corned Beef Brisket Flat      $7.99/lb

Brisket flat has very little fat (traditional). A little drier piece of brisket compared to a point.



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