Weekly Specials

June 18th – 24th

Homemade Week

Glenn’s Chicken Cordon Bleu        $3.99/lb

Glenn’s Home-Style Wieners        $4.49/lb

Glenn’s Ring Bologna, original or fine grind        $3.99/lb

Glenn’s Ham Salad        $3.49/lb

Glenn’s Chicken Salad        $3.99/lb

Glenn’s Sliced Bacon        $4.99/lb


June is Dairy Month!

 Sliced American Cheese        $2.99/lb

Glenn’s Mild Cheddar Cheese        $3.99/lb

Glenn’s Medium Cheddar Cheese        $3.99/lb

10 Year Old Cheddar Cheese        $14.95/lb



Brat of the Week

Blueberry Brat        $4.49/lb


Brat Haus open Friday & Saturday from 10 am – 3 pm

Friday Sponsor is Blue Knights WI II

Saturday Sponsor is St. Luke's Youth



Call 920-261-2226 to order any of our specials!

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