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Weekly Specials
Riverfest Week - August 3-9

Fresh Ground Chuck - $4.59/lb
Frozen Ground Chuck, 1#, 1 1/2# or 2# - $4.49/lb

For Some Cool Treats:
Smoked Pork Barrel Roast, sliced thin in deli (Heavenly good!) - $5.99/lb
Glenn's Chicken Salad, all white chicken - $3.99/lb
Glenn's Pasta Salad - $2.49/lb
Glenn's Crab Dip - $4.49/lb
Brat of the Week!!

"Brat of the Week"
Honey BBQ Brat - $4.29/lb

Brat Haus is open Friday & Saturday 10 - 3

Friday sponsored by:
Izaak Walton League

Saturday sponsored by:
Waterloo FFA Alumni Association
Glenn's Pizza of the Month:

Nacho Pizza - $6.99 each
Visit Glenn's Stand at Riverfest...

Visit Glenn's Stand at Watertown's Riverfest, August 6-9.

We will be serving:
Smoked Beef Brisket on Kaiser
Smoked Chicken Breast on Kaiser
Rib Eye Steak on Kaiser
Bacon Wrapped Pork on a Stick
Fish Sandwich
Fish Dinner, gluten-free
Shrimp Dinner
Chicken Salad on Kaiser
Cream Puffs
Glenn's Cheesecake
Strawberry Shortcake
Save the Date!

September 12, 2015

Southern Style BBQ at Glenn's, serve at 4:00 pm
If you're a smoker, please call for more info to participate
Venison Products

Check out our Venison Products on-line:
25% off on all Venison Products

Go to the Venison Tab!

Turn around time 1-2 weeks
Check out our Natural Foods Freezer:

Grass-fed Beef
All Natural Pork
Niman Ranch: No Nitrites Sausage Products
Just Bare Chicken: No Hormones, No Antibiotics
Ground Turkey
Ground Chicken
Turkey Brats
Chicken Brats

Gluten-Free Products:
5 kinds Glenn's Homemade Pizza
Glenn's Homemade Lasagna
Glenn's Homemade Shredded Turkey & Gravy
Pastas from PF Pasta
Bakery from Udi Bakery
Breaded Chicken from Bell & Evans
Flax Muffins
Gluten-free Waffles
Gluten-free Gravies, Sauces, Soup Stock

2 kinds Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Pizzas
Side of Beef

Glenn's Market sells sides of beef based on boxed weight, not hanging weight.

A split side: 1/2 from the front & 1/2 from the hind, for a total of approximately 100 pounds.

A side weighs approximately 200 pounds.

Please call for pricing information.
Pig in a Box

Glenn's Market sells a "Pig in a Box", which features the standard cuts of pork without the excess bones & waste of a hanging weight.

A whole pig weighs approximately 125 pounds. Half Pig in a Box is about 65 pounds.

Please call for pricing information.

We have a big variety of:

Wood Chips
Saw Dust
Wood Smoking Pellets

and Green Mountain Grills!
We are now decorating cakes....

We are now decorating all-occasion cakes and making specialty tortes, all using "Bettercreme" frosting.

1/4 sheet cake: $25.00
1/2 sheet cake: $35.00
Full sheet cake: $65.00

Filled cakes also available!
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